People Shared Things Happened To Them That You Won’t Believe But They Took Photos

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Most people fail to respond to that. Usually, something really unexpected and amazing happens to us, but there’s nobody around to see it. And when we tell people later, they refuse to believe it. So you’re left as the only person to believe that awesome moment actually happened.

However, these people had the luck to capture pictures at the same moment, and you won’t believe their stories:

#1 The reason for this squirrel being hyperactive: sugar donuts.

I was eating lunch in the local park when I heard a rustling sound under the bench I was sat on. Then a squirrel ran out from underneath it carrying a full doughnut, sat on the grass in front of me and proceeded to eat the entire thing.

Squirrels are just rats with better PR.

FlecTec h_saxon 

#2 Sheep paradise.

I once woke up at 7 am to the sound of harmonious bleating outside my window. I stepped outside to my backyard and saw a field full of sheep.
I live in southern California so im not sure why they were there or where they came from. They never came back.


#3 I’ve heard of rats in toilets, but seagull?!

I got attacked by a seagull in my toilet.


#4 Sneaking into premieres.

I was drunk and snuck onto a red carpet event with a friend. I was interviewed and pretended I was in the movie, spoke about how I connected with the character. I was never able to find the interview, but here’s a pic (I’m the one in a white dress shirt)


#5 Friendly dolphins.

I was on the boat with my family in Florida and sat on the edge of the boat to take a picture of me with the water and two dolphins and their baby jumped out of the water and this picture was caught at the perfect time. I have never seen this happen again before, especially in the wild. Pic was Fall 2012 in Tampa Bay Florida, taken by my brother, picture of me.


#6 The face of a hero.

I stopped 8-10 gang members from killing a couple. I mostly used my face to protect the rest of my body.
Pics of the aftermath.


#7 The Indian Army asking you not to waste your night sleeping instead of studying.

I was once woken up on an exam day by strange whirring sounds to find a huge Indian Army hot-air balloon landing in front of our house. This was sometime in 2007.


#8 First haircut.

Definitely not the most WOW thing ever, but i never got a haircut until i was 13 years old. i had five feet and three inches of hair, right down to my ankles when you pulled it straight (it’s wavy/curly naturally). i cut three and a half feet off for my first cut!!


#9 At least the chicken wasn’t homeless.

Once while walking downtown in the city I saw a chicken living in a car. There was birdseed and sh*t all over the car.


#10 Random exotic bird.

TL;DR, Homeless man finds abandoned exotic bird, roams streets with it, gets a lot of weird looks, coincidentally bumps into random store worker that loves birds, a happy ending for all.


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