People Are Tweeting About The Hilarious Things They’ve Overhead And We Are Here For It

Eavesdropping on someone is totally wrong!


And there is no doubt about that. But sometimes you overhear things that you are not trying to listen. Although what else are you going to do? Walk away, so you don’t hear someone’s conversation? Don’t make me laugh!

So rather than teaching people to stop ‘overhearing’ people’s conversation, we are going to compile some of the best overheard moments. So scroll down below and take a look.

#1 Anyone can make that mistake.

#2 But isn’t she dead?


#3 Why isn’t every kid this concerned about safety?

#4 I’m guessing that is what it’s supposed to do.

#5 I don’t know what to say to this.

#6 Yup, that will totally work.


#7 The kid knows whats up.

#8 Because why not?

#9 Can’t believe a 15-year-old has better comebacks than me.

#10 Because bio-oil doesn’t work!

#11 And boy am I glad that the kiss is over!

Overheard any more conversation that you weren’t supposed to hear? Well, tell us all about them in the comments below! Let’s make 2018 great!

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