9 Truths Every Person Crazy In Love With Another Person Knows

Being in love is crazy

You do silly, strange, sometimes insane things, and they’re completely normal. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of loving someone, you know what I mean. Over at BuzzFeed, Loryn Brantz, an illustrator, created a set of images you could relate to. Just crazy, weird, and somehow endearing things.

Here’s a list of the images!

#1 You want to be close to them all the time and tell them how nice they smell

#2 Even cuddling in bed is not close enough

#3 You’re enchanted by everything they say, even if it’s boring.

#4 It’s timeless and it only gets better with age.

#5 You both crave doing the simple things in life. Together.

#6 You always want to touch them.

#7 When you don’t get a text from them Vs. When you do. Doesn’t matter how many times it’s already happened.

#8 Their hugs make everything better, no matter how bad your days are.

#9 Your love for each other grosses out everyone else.

Art Source: Loryn Brantz

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