10+ People Share Things They Wish They Knew Before Marriage Because Divorces Suck

Divorce isn’t one of the most convenient ways to navigate relationships. But, there are instances when there is no other way around it. How bad can going into separation be? The process of divorce is basically just the signing of a few papers. And then each of the two divorcees moves on with their lives.

Nobody ever wants to think about the negative side of divorce. However, people tend to have very different experiences with divorce, some good, some bad and some terribly miserable. Divorce sucks! And there are a lot of things that divorcees would want to do differently

10+ people share things they wish they wish they knew before marriage, because divorce sucks.

1. If you love your spouse and you love them enough – fight. Don’t let things that are bothering you fester.

2. Go to pre-marriage counseling.

3. Be prepared to communicate on both ends because people tend to change, so you need to learn to adapt.

4. Relationships are a compromise.

5. Infertility is real: talk about it.

6. Marry someone for who they are and not who you hope they’ll become.

7. Make sure you don’t become isolated, and stay in contact with family and friends.

8. Go into marriage with an open and creative mind.

9. A big expensive wedding that puts you far into debt is not worth it.

10. Discuss issues to save your marriage from extremely explosive arguments.

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