10+ Things You’ll Incredibly Relate To If You’re A Low-Maintenance Girl

Any girl will tell you that it’s the top most irritating thing when someone calls them lazy! But, there are always two extremes of a spectrum. you’re either low maintenance or high maintenance. There’s no in between. There’s a high chance that you’ve been called one of these at least a billion times in your life.

Here are 10+ signs that you’re an incredibly low-maintenance girl:

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

1. You don’t wash your bra for a week straight.

2. And you wear the same tights thrice without washing them.

3. Although, you drape them on the chair in your room to “air” occasionally. 

4. You change your pillowcases and bottom sheet but the duvet cover stays for another week!

5. You leave the house in a t-shirt you slept in. 

6. If it’s not visible, there’s no need to shave it.

7. But, you never forget to shave your knees and ankles if you’re wearing ripped jeans. 

8. Self consciousness doesn’t get you to shave your armpits either.

9. Because, fuck it.

10. You use dry shampoo till your head gets a bit itchy.

11. Wet hair, don’t care. 

12. Yesterday’s eyeliner smudge is a trendy makeup hack for the next day.

13. You’ve ruined too many pillow cases because you sleep with your make up on much too often. 

Flo / Perry BuzzFeed

14) You’re known for regularly stealing your partner’s/housemate’s/mum’s toiletries when run out.

15) And you used them for more than a week.

16) Or just decided to keep them forever.

17) You’ve also used your bra as your handbag on a night out.

18) A lil’ stain won’t harm anyone.

19) Neither will a tiny oil stain.

20) You haven’t worn a lot of clothes in ages because they require ironing.

21) Or because you can’t wash them in the machine because they’re hand wash only.

22) You like picking off nail polish from your nails, it saves you a lot of money too because you never need a nail polish remover.

23) You barely ever wash your makeup brushes.

24) You have a small existential crisis every morning so you need 10 minutes to put that all together every morning.

25) And another ten minutes to stare into space.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

26) You’ve been wearing the same pair of earrings since last year.

27) Because changing it would mean losing it.

28) You just can’t afford getting your five favorite outfits dirty.

29) You wear the same outfit twice in a week because you’re meeting different people each time.

30) You do laundry only when the laundry basket can’t hold anymore laundry.

31) You hate shopping for necessities.

32) You still wear the shoes with holes in them, quite a lot.

33) Have an event to attend tomorrow? Time to go shopping.

34) Wearing a bra at home is too mainstream.

35)And you’re a master at taking it off from under your shirt.

36) But, trying those “lazy girl” hacks online is just too much effort.


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