10 Obvious Things All Happy Couples Do Before They Go To Sleep

One of the essential things of being in a relationship is spending some quality time with your partner before hitting the sheets! It doesn’t matter how long, even if it’s just for a while, an hour or a few minutes. Only the two of you spending some quality time together. Showering your love to each other is all you need!

Here are ten obvious things couples do before they go to sleep:

1. Put your phone away:

Cellphones are known to repress the release of oxytocin in your body, the hormone responsible for bonding and emotional intimacy. Psychotherapist Carol Carey recommends following an easy rule: turn off your phones or put them away after 9 pm.


2. Make an effort and stop glancing your work email while you’re in bed:

It’s better to spend that time mutually or to get some rest. So you’re fresh at work for the next day. Pillow talk links couples emotionally and makes you feel stress-free. Don’t talk about things like financial trouble or anything else that would make your partner feel concerned.


3. Go to bed together:

A lot of couples don’t see each other all day long. To top that, they also go to bed at different times. Going to bed at the same time as your partner preserves the warmth and understanding of your relationship.


4. Build a routine:

Follow a similar bedtime routine every day. It’ll help you in getting better sleep and preserving a close and trustworthy relationship with your partner.


5. Have a heart to heart conversation:

At times we only want to talk and feel the support and heed for our loved ones. Concentrate on each other’s feelings and give a few minutes before going to sleep as an expression of positive feelings for your partner. Leave your concerns and troubles outside the bedroom door. It’ll help you end the day on a positive note.


6. Don’t get into heated arguments:

Fighting in bed never helps resolve a problem, try not to engage in heated arguments before going to bed. You’ll just end up remaining awake all night and feeling miserable the next day.


7. Keep your children out:

Your bedroom should be your personal space and the only time your child should be sleeping with you is after they have a nightmare. Upholding the intimacy between the two of you is necessary.


8. Just like children, keep the pets out too:

Pets frequently disturb your sleep, defying the ‘rule of 2’ in your bedroom.


9. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol:

A lot of couples like to have a glass of wine before going to bed, to create an intimate atmosphere. However, as your body digests the alcohol, the restorative period of your sleep becomes shorter. Whereas, nicotine in cigarettes causes insomnia. It’ll leave you feeling tired, distracted and annoyed in the morning.


10. Give your partner a massage:

Specialists from the National Foundation of Sleep suggest that a soothing massage before going asleep perks up the quality of your sleep, lessens anxiety, and brings couples closer together.

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