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10 Things Your Gyno Wants You To Stop Doing Before A Visit

10 Things Your Gyno Wants You To Stop Doing Before A Visit

We all dread that yearly visit to the gyno.

Seriously, who even likes a doctor’s hand up their vagina? I know I don’t. Even when you tell yourself they are a professional and this is just for health reasons, it still gets awkward at one point. And sometimes, you can’t ask them specific questions because you’re too shy. Asking about sex positions, new lubes, etc. can prove to be awkward. However, there are some things your gynecologist wants you to stop doing before you visit them.

Scroll below to find them out:

#1 Don’t wait until you have sex to get yourself checked.

Most people think they should start getting checkups until after they have sex. This is a huge misconception most people have. You need to start getting yourself checked as soon as you begin menstruating because doctors need to have your medical history.


#2 Don’t go to a doctor you don’t feel comfortable getting touched by.

Go to a doctor you trust. Since they have to go inside you literally, it’s better if you go to someone you are comfortable with. If things seem awkward with a specific doctor, just switch to another one.


#3 Don’t hold back while asking questions.

Do not stop yourself from asking questions if they are awkward. Breasts, sexual intercourse, vagina, whatever it is. Be open with your doctor because they are not there to personally judge you, they are there to treat you. And they have probably heard worse.

#4 Do not wax yourself right before your appointment.

It does not matter to your doctor if you’re waxed or not. Do not get Brazilian wax before your appointment because it makes your vagina swell. This makes it hard for the doctor to recognize if you have an infection or just inflammation from the wax. However, you do need to be careful of pubic lice and rashes.


#5 Don’t take UTI’s easily.

You won’t take Urinary Tract Infections seriously until you feel that burning pain inside your vagina when you pee. If you feel even the slightest bit of irritation when you pee, get yourself checked. It is not a joke and it can get worse with time.


#6 Do your vagina a favour and DON’T use scented soaps and lotions on it.

Yes, a perfumed vagina may seem nice and all, but it’s not worth the irritation. These scented soaps and lotions can cause yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis. Also, don’t use scented pads and tampons. Stay simple, ladies.

#7 Don’t use scented lubes.

Please do not use perfumed or scented sex lubes. These can also irritate your vagina. Even if you really want to use them, make sure you aren’t allergic to them.


#8 Use protection while having sex!

Unless you’re planning to have a baby, do not skip protection. Make sure you’re on the pill or use a condom when you have sex. This can save you from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. You can ask your doctor all kinds of questions to guide you; it is their job to help you.


#9 Get tested.

It doesn’t matter what your partner says to you; not everyone is honest even if you believe them. Get yourself tested no matter what.


#10 Don’t skip your annual appointment.

Even if you assume you don’t need to get checked, please just do. It is essential to have a doctor who is up to date with your health.

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