Comics Hilariously Depict That Things Don’t Always Go the Way We Want & It Really Sum Up Your Adulthood

 You make plans, and they don’t work out? Congratulations, you’re officially an adult now.


When we used to be kids, we waited to grow old so that we could do whatever we want because we had all the restrictions on us. Being an adult always seemed fun as a kid, but when we finally got old, we came to know that everything that was depicted, was a lie and things really aren’t the way they seem to be.


Here are some hilarious comics that shows how our plan’s turn to dust and things really don’t go our way.

 #1 The lady looks more parrot than the parrot itself. 


    #2 Ugh, the eternal truth of life.

#3 Err, is it really what I’m thinking? 

#4 Taking sunburn to another level.

#5 Leave it, it wouldn’t listen.

#6 Oh yes, we all go through that shitty phase. 


#7 No, they are never satisfied. 

#8 She certainly does not. #9 Me in summers.

#10 Is that supposed to be dark humor? 

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