19 Things You Can’t Get Away With When You’re Tall

Being a girl is hard. It’s hard enough trying to find clothes that fit you in all the right places (chest +thighs=bane of my existence), look good and most importantly, that you actually like yourself. However, you can count on all those things being ten times harder if you’re one of those girls blessed (or maybe cursed?) with a tall stature. Girls may run the world but it’s all too clear that it’s way easier if you’re a shorter girl, as then you may have a chance of looking halfway decent in most things. As a girl of 5’9”, this list is all too painfully relatable and you’ll soon see why. Take a look through this list and lament at all these things us tall girls can’t do- but hey at least we can reach the top shelf, right?

#1. Firstly, you have to accept that no jeans are ever going to reach your ankles.

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#2. People are always commenting on what sports you should try, no matter what your coordination skills.

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#3. You can kiss that image of a relaxing bubble bath goodbye as your legs never fit in the tub.

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#4. You can also forget about public changing rooms unless you enjoy making awkward eye contact with strangers as you strip.

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#5. High-waisted shorts are also out of the question as your bum cheeks always make an appearance, as demonstrated by our friend here.

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