9 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Depressed

So you’re one of those people who’re sad all the time. And you don’t want to do things. However, it’s much more than just that. It’s actually way more complicated. Doctors tend to leave out the bits of how depression makes you feel physically ill.

Depression is not much of a taboo topic anymore. Although, despite well-meaning friends and family, no one really knows what its like to live with depression. Until you’ve experienced it yourself, depression is a misunderstood illness.

The lingering stigma around depression makes it difficult to talk about. The invisible illness is often hard to pinpoint even by those who are suffering from it. That’s probably why the less obvious side about it is still under the shadow. The world can be a stressful place. And we all go through periods when we feel sad.

The plethora of sadness is, however, not just a spot of bad luck. It’s no wonder that most of the people diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. No one ever said depression would kill you, but, most of the things people will say to help you are profoundly unhelpful.

It can be triggered by unexpected places.

A lot of the time, there is no true cause. It’s just your body chemicals being bad.

Sometimes, you even KNOW it’s just chemicals, but you still can’t turn off the sinking feeling.

People can tell something is up, and they won’t let go no matter how much you deny it.

Because you know if you actually told them what’s up, they wouldn’t react how you’d hope.

When you finally do tell someone you trust, odds are you won’t listen to their advice at first…

When you finally give in, the treatments can be harder than you expect.

When you do get better, it doesn’t always feel like what you expected.

But treatment really works! If you give it time, there’s a good chance you’ll get better, and the best part? You start to notice a bunch of things you didn’t even realize were wrong with you!

As complex and insane the human brain is – it’s also very primordial. The brain is a much more powerful tool than most of us realize. The mystifying part of the human body can hold more information than anyone can ever imagine!

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