These Horoscopes Are Hilariously Real And Can Make Your Inner Weirdo Feel Personally Attacked

Sometimes it’s good to nurture your inner weirdo.

I know people might think you are crazy but who really cares about that tiny fact? Because let’s be honest, being yourself is always the thing to do, even if everyone thinks you are goddamn mad.

Whether you admit or not, even you harbor an inner weirdo that is waiting to be unleashed. Today we are going to help you do exactly that. So buckle in your seatbelts and get ready for an ‘interesting’ ride.

Source: Tom Siegal

#1 They definitely got the butt thing right. Trust me I know.

#2 Wait, Who is Frasier?

#3 Okay I was not aware they ate cigarette butts. That is just disgusting.

#4 I am not a Taurus, but even I do the 3rd thing.

#5 Where is that extra buttcheek hidden then?

#6 So Cancer does not exist? Okay…

#7 What is up with Leo and horse meat?

#8 I really need to see the glass baubles now.

#9 Who expects Libra and food to go together? Right!?

#10 I must say I haven’t touched the stinger yet.

#11 So they are basically obsessed with archery?

I know what you’re thinking. “How could it end? There is no Capricorn in here!” Well, that is exactly what I was thinking, but sadly I have no answer to that. Maybe it is a sign that doesn’t even exist.

Moving on, Could you relate to your sign or everything about these signs is wrong? Comment down below and let us know what you think.

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