These Dogs Stole & Ate Mail Carrier’s Lunch And Now Have Become Internet Celebrities

Gone are the days when your Dog would only eat your homework.

Now, they have advanced, and they eat stolen food from mail carriers! How weird is that?! Well, It might not be true for every dog out there, but it surely is for these two!


Meet the 6-year old mixed breed dogs, Bear and Bull.


At first sight, these two boys might look like the most innocent good boys on the planet. But, trust me you don’t want to mistake their looks for what they have innocently done!

You see, Carol Jordan, Bear and Bull’s owner, who rescued them from a high-kill shelter, one day received an unusual mail in the mailbox. Upon reading the letter she found in the mailbox, she found out it was from a mail carrier named Mary.

This is the letter.

According to Jordan, at first, she thought “What have they done now?” but it appears the super smart dogs somehow managed to get inside Mary’s truck and randomly started munching on carrots, eggs, and pumpkin seeds. And that’s not all after they were done they even left evidence behind by spitting out two carrots near the driveway.

Understanding the whole situation, Jordan acted accordingly and did what she should have. She wrote an apology letter and attached a gift card from Subway.

Well, it finally looks like that is settled! And as for the doggos, the story of their crime was shared with people on Facebook and other social sites, and now the whole world knows about them. Boom!

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