Internet Is Applauding The Therapist Who Shot His Patient With A Nerf Gun For An Amazing Reason

Sometimes all you need is a nerf gun.

I am well aware that depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems are a serious subject and they deserve a lot more attention as loads of people are secretly dealing with these illnesses.

And everyone needs a different kind of attention and care depending on their mental health. And it turns out many therapists provide that. Even if it means shooting the patient with a nerf gun.

It might sound bad but trust me, it makes sense in the context. I mean I get that the conventional methods work, that is why we have been using them for so long. But sometimes, the right thing is to think outside of the box.

And this therapist certainly thought way outside the box.



The story is quite hilarious.

That is indeed a nerf gun.

In his defense, I would be quite suspicious too.

Well, at least the un-conventional method worked right?

I can’t believe the therapist called a nerf gun his “cognitive behavioral therapy tools.” Now, I know this might not work for everyone, but the Therapist clearly knew the patient, so he knew this method was alright.

And Twitter seems to be alright with it too.


And a foam dart to your leg!


Loads of other people had something to say about their therapist.



Turns out nerf gun isn’t the only thing therapists use.


Some people were, however, not that happy about this new method.


But the therapist would know that right?



Well said!



Do you think more therapists should adopt this method or is that too far-fetched?

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