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Woman Tweets The Tale Of 'Chunk' The Doggo Who Escaped His Yard That'll Leave You In Splits

Woman Tweets The Tale Of ‘Chunk’ The Doggo Who Escaped His Yard That’ll Leave You In Splits

How hard can handling dogs be?

Not that hard right? All you have to do is play with them, feed them, take them out for walks, give them time and all the love and affection that they deserve. A dog is a man’s best friend. It’s really true because there’s no limit to a dog’s love for the owner, and the owner’s love for the doggo is also unconditional.

Having dogs is truly a blessing! However, there is this woman who owns a smol pomeranian named “chunk,” and she might not think the same. You see, recently her pomeranian somehow managed to break free and escaped her yard. The woman followed him on the street, but he just wouldn’t stop running. But that was of the least concern as soon the entire focus shifted when chunk started chasing a lady who was walking her dogs. What followed next is very hilarious. And luckily the lady who was walking her dogs has shared all the details.

So scroll down and check it out!


This is what she originally tweeted.

And following is what she overheard while she was casually walking her dogs.


This is hilarious.

I honestly feel bad for them all, but this is too entertaining.

Handling 200 pounds of dog is not easy.

Good doggies.

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