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The Rock Has Grown Beard And The Internet Can't Get Over It

The Rock Has Grown Beard And The Internet Can’t Get Over It

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the people’s champion.

They wanted him to run for presidency so bad that The Rock filed to run. And he has starred in hit after hit, from the new Jumanji, Baywatch, to the over the top Fate Of The Furious, and the upcoming hushed Journey 3: From Earth To The Moon.

Everyone loves him. He’s a former wrestler, a Hollywood icon, and a complete and utter hero. He’s even pretty solid on social media, always interacting with fans and taking pictures. It’s here that fans noticed something new was happening.

The Rock had grown a beard!

With his show, Ballers getting renewed for Season 4, he’s been pumping everyone up.

And everyone’s loving his ‘salt and pepper’ facial hair!

Over on Twitter, they aren’t too shy to keep their opinion quiet.

Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’?

All he’s doing is adding a bit of seasoning to his career

Is it really that surprising? He’s a national treasure, of course he’d always surprise us

I guess you could even say that he’s rocking it.


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