These Thanksgiving Clapbacks Roasted Shady Relatives Like A Turkey

Some families just have too much drama.

There are families that have aunts and uncles who just can’t sit at the dinner table without starting beef with someone. As we all know, Thanksgiving just passed. That means a lot of families got together for their Thanksgiving dinners, and so, there was a lot of drama.

That’s why the Internet recently blew up with Thanksgiving clapbacks, and they were spicy as hell. You might want to use some of these the next time a relative is nagging at you!

Scroll down blow and enjoy a good laugh:

1. Furniture vs roaches.

2. The bible says a lot of things.

3. Savage!

4. And counting.

5. I don’t want a man.

6. You’re all fat.

7. That hairline is struggling.

8. Paying bills on time.

9. Why’re you using that walker?

10. At least it was worth it.

11. Mix match socks.

12. I’ll curse wherever I want.

13. Young grandmothers.

14. Your husband needs to come home.

15. Still pursuing.

16. I don’t need a boyfriend.

17. Focus on your kids.

18. Where ya edges?

19. You need a trim.

20. Daaamn.

21. Once again, focus on your own kids.

22. How many do you need?

23. Fix your recipe.

What did you think of these? Do you have your own clapbacks to share? Comment down below.

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