20+ Texts From People Who Have No Time For All This Flirty Bullshit

Flirting Is Not As Easy As It Seems.

Even if you succeed in the flirting part, doesn’t necessarily mean you will get anything in return. So why even try? That is what the following people felt. It seems they were tired of all the flirting bullshit, so they just put it out there as it is.

The following test messages will fill your heart with romance. These might even help brush up your flirting skills. So just sit back and try to learn from the masters of romance.

#1 Whats More Romantic Than A Herd Of Bunnies?

#2 Well, They Are Not Lying.

#3 Yeah, That Will Work Alright.

#4 How Could He Not Understand That?

#5 Tomatoes Are Always Much More Important.

#6 Seems Like A Sensible Request.

#7 That Was Some Deep Shit!

#8 That Is Exactly What He Meant.

#9 You Don’t Have To Remind Me Every day.

#10 Well, That Is Exactly What She Asked Though.

#11 We Will Always Mourn The Loss Of His Words.

#12 Let’s Start From The Pilot.

#13 That Call Must Be Very Important.

#14 He Got What He Deserved I Think?

#15 Okay…

#16 Spring Is Right Around The Corner Too.

#17 Should Be Easy Enough.

#18 Um Okay Cool?

#19 That Is Really Amazing!

#20 This Took A Whole Another Direction.

#21 He Is Not Wrong Though.

#22 That Must Have Hurt.

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