10+ Texts From Exes That Sum Up Breakups Perfectly

Breaking up with someone can either be tragic, or it can be very relieving.

It depends on who you’re with and how much you love them. Some people still love each other after breaking up, and some never loved each other in the first place.

Relationships are just train wrecks. Yes, I’m a petty little single female who does not support relationships. If you don’t agree with me, here are some texts from exes that’ll make you believe otherwise:


#1 Who cares?


#3 I think you have the wrong person.

#4 Just get it over with.

#5 Y tho

#6 On my way.

#7 Savage!

#8 Why are you texting me?

#9 Once you tell your mom, it really is over.

#10 Screw you.

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