Stalker Girl Texts A Weed Dealer Assuming He’s Someone She Wants To Date So He Gives Her The Best Relationship Advice Ever

Accidents can sometimes turn into something great.

And that is perfectly true for the following texts. Sure these might not have been that helpful to ‘Miranda,’ but they sure are hilarious for us. We all know that moment when we accidentally text someone, but it usually doesn’t end up like this.

Because I don’t know about you, but this girl sounds a bit stalkerish to me since she did get a guys number from his Facebook profile rather than simply asking him. And the guy turned out to be a bigger weirdo since his Facebook profile had the wrong number.

So, there you go. Scroll down and enjoy!

Source: Imgur

So, it started out normal enough until it was not…

You know, he got the premium sh*t.

Top secret alright.

But at least he is here for you. That’s more than what you can say for Kaden.

What the heck is the BFFL?

Okay, I have to agree with him on this.

Her behavior does sound a little bit stalkerish.

Aww, But he is still trying to help Monica!

Well, we can only hope that she listened to him rather than stalking Kaden on the Facebook some more. Do you think this conversation really happened or was this all made up? Comment on below and let us know.

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