10+ Texts Only You And Your Long-Distance BFF Can Understand

Imagining a life without a best friend forever can itself feel so dry and hopeless. Having someone to rely on as a friend is one of the truest blessings ever known to mankind. No matter how strong we are, we still always need someone to rely on, share our happiness and sorrows with, someone to understand us and give us the perfect advice in every situation and by “every,” we do mean every!

But despite all this, God bless those moments when your BFFs go crazy. The relation is a bumpy ride which mostly goes up because of emotions, gossips and everything they always cannot wait to share. Let us look at some of our favorite texts which people sent to their BFF while they were going nuts. They are sweet which can make you miss your BFF, but they are also clingy which might make you think “Oh, God!”.

In any case, let’s have a look at them below

1. When the consciousness goes down

Twitter: @keat

2. When they go far away


3. The most dangerous reminder


4. Different Crushes Every Month

Twitter: @Kellianne7349

5. Or When Crushes Go Wrong


6. Gossip Starter

Twitter: @jalisathepizza

7. Busy? Seriously?

Twitter: @TheMakaylaLove

8. But You Will Have To Respond Anyways


9. Little jealousy, because the throne matters.


10. A New Take On Life Every Single Day

Twitter: @The_schmitt18

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