10+ Deep And Surreal Illustrations Show The Terrifying Reality Of Modern World

The world is moving on fast, but most of our problems are here to stay.

The Modern World is facing a lot of controversies and problems, and there don’t seem to be any solutions to it so far. Drugs and war are common. Human life has no value. There’s no love for one another. We need to address these problems before it’s too late.

Gunduz Aghayev is an artist who illustrates the seriousness of today’s problems through his art. It is an eye-opener indeed.

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#1 Killing wildlife.

#2 Make America great again.

#3 Our obsession with fidget spinners.

#4 Trump the Builder.

#5 Death Sentence.

#6 Destroying art.

#7 Sofia’s Saudia Arabian citizenship.

#8 Terror order.

#9 Entrancing through Facebook.

#10 Adam and Eve.

#11 Dead soldiers.

#12 Homophobes.

#13 Shitty media.

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