Terrifying And Nightmarish Final Messages From Loved Ones Who Passed Away

Death is quite a morbid subject.

While we all know that death will one day come for us, we still don’t like to talk about it. After all, nobody would like to leave their family and loved ones behind. However, some people are ready to go when their time ends.

Some people take comfort in religion in their end times while some take pleasure in the sweet release of death. The following stories will bring a tear to your eye regardless of your stance on religion.

#1 Fat Mary.

My ornery Grandmother’s last words to her daughter, my aunt:

She beckoned her closer, and my aunt leaned in to hear her…

Then, she said, “Mary, You Look Fat as a House.”

#2 Sick grandma.

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When is was 14 the telephone rang, and I said, “Oh my god, grandma just died.”

Mother answered to be told her mother-in-law had passed away.

I didn’t know she was sick.

When we got to the hospital the nurse said grandma had reached her hand out and said, “I’m coming Lord,” and passed away.

How did i know that?

#3 Mother.

My brother was dying of cancer, and I was heartbroken.

I was awakened by my mother one morning, (she had been dead for many years), saying to me, “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

The phone immediately rang and my sister-in-law told me my brother had just died.

He and our Mom were very close.

#4 The music.

My grandmother was dying at home.

And, My mother was a young woman and was sitting by her bed when she said, “Oh, isn’t that beautiful music, Frannie?

My mother (Fran) said, “I don’t hear any music, Mom.”

Grandma said, “Oh, it is so beautiful.”

She died shortly after that.

I think she heard the heavenly choir welcoming her home.

#5 Waiting.

My mom was in the last hours of her life. I told her I was going to go and get my dad (2 miles away), and she looked up at the corner of the ceiling and said, “Go away; not yet.”

An hour later her 2 grandchildren were coming an hour and a half away. I told her to hang on.

She was getting weaker and looked in the corner and mouthed, “Go away.”

They came; she squeezed their hands, then died 15 minutes later.

#6 Stomach issues.

My uncle was having stomach issues. The doctors said he had a tumor. Come to find out it was cancer, when they went in to take it out, and it was everywhere.

They said there was nothing they could do and told our family he had 6 months.

When he came-to he said, “I have 10 days.”

His sisters happened to be in from out of state and went to visit him in the hospital. While there, his step daughter had a baby.

Since it was at the same hospital, they got special permission to bring her down, so he could she his granddaughter.

At this point he was real bad and was unable to move or talk.

He looked at my mom with a tear in his eye, and she told him, “It is okay. We love you. Go ahead.”

He squeezed her hand, closed his eyes, and passed away.

It was 10 days after the surgery just like he said it would be.

#7 It’s okay.

My mother was a strong-willed woman who lived alone in her home until she had a heart attack.

The damage was severe, and she was on a ventilator. She never wanted that, and when I came in the ICU, she pointed at me and at the machine, and I knew she wanted off.

I had a moment of weakness and begged her to try, because I knew if the machine was removed, she would die. She shook her head and repeated her motions of before.

The staff removed the vent, and she was moved to a regular room and placed on hospice. The doctors said she would die within 6 hours, but she wanted to see her grandson who was in the navy.

After he arrived, she slipped into a semi-coma. She would rouse up and look at the ceiling and motion to the ceiling and say, “Come on, come on…”

My sisters and brother and I took turns staying with her all night for 3 nights. When I arrived on Sunday morning for my turn, I whispered in her ear, “It’s OK mom. We are ready. You can go.”

She immediately stopped breathing and was gone.

What a peaceful death of a wonderful woman who was very much loved. This was in 2002.

I miss her and dad more every day.

But, I know they will come for me when it is my time. I find great comfort in that.

#8 Home.

I was little when my grandmother passed.

That night, she looked at her roommate, (she was in assisted living), and said, “I’m going home tonight, baby,” as only she could say in her Louisiana tone…

She passed that night.

#9 A coffin.

When my mother told me she had repeatedly seen herself dead in a coffin, I brushed it off and said something like, “Growing older brings on thoughts of death.”

She died a week later.

I read a book about death and dying and learned from a known religious philosopher, Carl Jung, that every living creature from bugs to humans get a signal that they are about to die whether it’s in a week or a day.

#10 Angiogram.

My husband went to the hospital for what we thought was a routine angiogram.

The procedure went horribly wrong and he went many minutes with little blood going to his heart.

The last thing he communicated to me was in the form of a note:

“What went wrong?”

8 days later, he died.

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