Tenants Share Their Dreadful Landlords Stories That Will Make You Cringe

People are sharing their horrendous landlord tales.

In America, more and more people are living on rent now than ever before because of different factors; one of them is less income working as a student, which leads to not qualifying for home loans.

Some students do have the support of their wealthy parents, but the ones with no help can’t afford to buy and pay taxes, are helpless and prefer to live in a place where they are the tenants. These tenants have shared their stories on twitter to show their frustrations, and you are going to go crazy over them!

Here it goes.

I wonder how this lawyer was even successful.


If you are a fraud, brain usage must be high.


Why would someone do that? Isn’t it unethical?

Seriously? People do that?

Ugh! It’s not just right to say that.


It’s natural. Landlords should understand.

Money Monster

Because less space, less fun.


Some Redditors shared their worst stories as well. Check them out.


At least there was some benefit to it.


Hate this kind of landlords who consider themselves lords of the property.


At least have the courtesy of letting the tenants know beforehand.



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