Everything Is Melting In The All Time High Temperatures In Arizona

The temperature in Phoenix has reached a record breaking 50 °C.

Let’s be honest, summer can be a lot of fun. From going to the beach to getting cool refreshing popsicles to wearing cute clothes, it’s a great time. However, when the heat starts becoming unbearable, that’s when the problems start.

It’s what’s happening in Phoenix. People can’t handle the high temperatures. It’s so hot there that stuff’s melting. I mean, just look how hot it is there.

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Just to show you how bad the situations is, we have compiled some of the best pictures that illustrate this problem.

#1 Don’t rocks harden in high temperatures though.?

Via EClydez

#2 I think it came out even more cooked than an oven.

Via confuzzledteen3

#3 There is no need for complaining when you have gloves.

Via Adam_Myers99

#4 Even the street signs can’t stand the heat.

Via azhomie

#5 This mailbox has had enough and just wanted to rest his head for a little bit.

Via imnoidiot5

#6 It’s important to think of puppy feet too.

Via Gizmodo

#7 Seems like a great way of saving some electricity and taking advantage of the horrible heat.

Via imgur.com

#8 The map has run out of colors because of the insane heat at Phoenix.

Via mlive.com

#9 Not really melting, more like dying. You might want to give it some water.

Via PeterCorbett1

#10 Airplanes are getting grounded because of the high temperature at Arizona.


#11 It’s So Hot In Phoenix, The New jasonisbell Record Was Delivered Today And Sat In The Mailbox For Only An Hour, And Got This Badly Warped.

Via Jeffrey Blackburn

#12 Scorpions Get Hot Too. Woman Finds Desert Critter Taking A Dip In Her Pool.


I am sure most of these pictures got the message through. But it’s not like it helped. Do you live in Arizona? Even if you don’t, how do you deal with the crazy heat?

Except if you’re Australians. Y’all are getting snow this time of year, aren’t you?

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