Teletubbies Had Kids Officially Called ‘Tiddlytubbies’ And Twitter Is Both Confused And Terrified

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring grave tidings

Long story short, you’re old as sh*t. Do you remember the Teletubbies? Those weird alien looking things that were always on while you weren’t even out of diapers? Yeah, those things just had kids.

Live feed of Teletubbie procreation

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One Twitter user found out


Of all the weird things in their world, we’re more confused and scared with the Tubbies banging than we are about the baby on fire

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It’s a fair question



And the reactions are fair


I guess she should have teleasked

Everyone’s having trouble keeping their emotions in check

In a world where a baby on fire is the sun, anything is possible

They’ve actually been around since 2015

And their episode air date was called “Babies”


These Tiddlytubbies have me incredibly confused and shocked. One one hand, I haven’t thought of them in years, but on the other hand, they kept me company while I was learning to walk.

Equal parts confused as I am terrified.


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