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Teens On Reddit Are Asking How To Get Vaccinated Without Parents’ Consent And It's Heartbreaking

Teens On Reddit Are Asking How To Get Vaccinated Without Parents’ Consent And It’s Heartbreaking

Immunisation is a necessity, not an option

But a considerable number of people don’t agree. Rather than having an opinion or considering facts and statistics people firmly believe in decades-old myths that vaccines are unnecessary and dangerous. In recent days, however, a large number of people have finally realised the significance of vaccines due to all the ongoing awareness campaigns, and efforts of social workers, professionals and doctors.

While not everyone is convinced some good did come out by spreading awareness, and it can be seen in our young generation. Other than understanding the real importance of vaccines, the youngsters are now also taking significant steps to bring a change. For instance, consider the example of this one particular 15-year old kid who asked for legal advice on getting vaccinations without parental consent. Upon seeing such a request people quickly responded.

Scroll down and see the rest yourself.

A 15-year old Redditor asked for advice.

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Via andrhia

Here’s what the boy said.

“I’ve tried to have conversations with my mom about vaccinations,” he told Bored Panda. “My attempts were often conversations with me bringing a website or a scientific study to show her. Often it concluded with my mom saying that she would do some more research later. We both understand each other’s views and respect them, we can have good and open discussions. However, it honestly came down to just being persistent enough so that at the last doctor’s checkup I had several months ago, at the end of it I kept nagging my mom about it and asked the doctor to talk about vaccine risks and safety. We convinced my mom to let me get a tetanus and polio shot. Since then I haven’t had any other shots, and my younger siblings don’t have any vaccinations at all.”

“My mom has been anti-vaccine, and my dad does not have a strong opinion on this, as far as I know, he just supports my mom. Both my parents have been vaccinated, however, not in this country. It’s highly likely that this experience is a major factor in the decision to not vaccinate. The toughest aspect to understand, and it’s incredibly important to acknowledge it, is that their decision is made with good intention and my best health and safety in mind. My mom and dad are not doing this with malicious intent; in fact, it’s quite the opposite, they want the best for me. However, that decision, in my opinion, was not properly researched/informed. The topic then transitions to the question, “Who is responsible?” Are my parents at fault for not thoroughly researching the topic? Or is it the sensationalist websites and media that post for clicks by publishing false and controversial claims? Is the educational infrastructure in the US at fault for not teaching students how to differentiate from false information and facts, for not thoroughly teaching how to conduct research and what sources to trust? Is it the homoeopathic industry that is at fault? It makes billions of dollars with extreme profit margins, it has its own lobby organizations and fights its enemies as hard as it can. The belief in homoeopathy correlates with scepticism about vaccinations, and in reality, a lot of money is on the line – globally the market is expected to reach over 17 billion by 2024. The best thing to do in this case is to put stricter enforcement on vaccination, possibly going even as far as making it mandatory unless exempted by a doctor for health-related reasons. Loosening laws on the requirement for parental consent in these types of situations.”

This is how people responded.

Some people were in favour of waiting until 18th birthday, while others suggested some alternatives.

It looks like some things can be done after all.


But, even if one person can do it, then so can the rest.

What would you suggest? Let us know in the comments below.

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