Teen Photoshops Ryan Reynolds Over Her Prom Ex And Reynolds Loved It

Prom is an important part of growing up

And the date you take there is also important. Regardless of whether or not it becomes something in the future, your prom date is going to be a topic people will bring up. It’s worse if you become exes a couple of weeks after, but that’s exactly what happened to eighteen year old Gabi Dunn and her now ex boyfriend Jeff Bright. This is them on their special night together.

Gabi Dunn

Unfortunately they broke up two days after prom

Dunn said:

“It didn’t feel great. But I’m over it, we are still friends.”

And be that as it may, now she had a whole bunch of prom pictures with her ex, and that’s not a sight she was happy with. So she photoshopped it and replaced Bright with Canadian heartthrob and dad joke extraordinaire, Ryan Reynolds.

The best part? Reynolds saw it.

And now everyone is replying with pictures of their celebrity dates

Bright thought that it was really funny, and said “I really enjoy [Reynolds’] movies and I think it’s nice that she used another Canadian.”

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As long as she was happy, right?

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But this girl decided on a different Ryan


Danny DeVito also showed up ironically.


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