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This Teen Was Dumped By Her Ex But Her Brilliant Response Is Just Winning Internet

This Teen Was Dumped By Her Ex But Her Brilliant Response Is Just Winning Internet

Breakups can be hard, especially when they aren’t timed well.

Purdue University student, Emma Vowell, recently went through that. The 19-year-old sophomore purchased for her significant other and herself skydiving tickets for his birthday.

Unfortunately, he broke up with her the week of his birthday. She didn’t want her tickets to go to waste.

So, what do you do after a breakup?

You go to Tinder, of course! Vowell created a Tinder profile to find a date so she could use her skydiving tickets.

She specified clearly that she is not looking for romance, but just an adventurous date.

She received over 50 resumes, which is pretty impressive.

However, one guy went the extra mile and stood out from the others.

This is 22-year-old Austin, who tackled the situation with a very professional attitude.

He sent in his resume, and everyone was excited to read it.

She tweeted about the incident, and it immediately became viral.


Then, she posted his impressive resume too.


And he also sent an amazing cover letter.

He described all the ways he could repay her for the ticket, and it was absolutely adorable!

Everyone wanted them to hook up.


Finally, Vowell announced that she would be meeting him soon!


Everyone was excited, so naturally, they demanded pictures.




This was the reaction:


Well, that was quite a journey. From heartbreak to an adventure like this. Now, let’s wait for October 28th!

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