Internet Is Praising This Teen Who Accidentally Destroyed Her Classmate’s Racist Pottery Project

Since Trump’s administration took charge there is a disturbing amount of reported racial incidents in America. While these gruesome racial incidents are truly disturbing, people have stood up against them like a beacon of hope. Through their support, courage and love these people have shown that the world can become a better place if we stand by each other’s rights.

Brigitte Yasamin is a teen from Washington and she just became a controversial Twitter hero. Reason– she could not stand a racial display in her art class. The story begins in her pottery art class. Brigitte noticed that the student next to her was painting a confederate flag on a ceramic box. She was so disgusted by this that she had to let it out somewhere—Why not Twitter?

She shared a picture of that box.

Then she did what was necessary.

She said “Oooppsss,” but it doesn’t seem like an accident though…

And there it is she said it outright that it was 100% intentional:

Even her teacher doesn’t give a damn about the racists.




This young lady is not afraid of the consequences.


And she has no plans to apologize either.

And in case you were wondering, no, she doesn’t live in the South.

Brigitte has been called a “legend” and a “hero.”


She has already got supporters in case she decides to run for the “office.”


Of course confederate flag supporters calling it “smashing someone else’s personal property.”


They got answers!!



She made an excellent point!



So did this person:

She definitely deserves a medal for not tolerating the racial demonstration. I think Brigitte did a brave and honorable thing. Only by standing up for each other’s right to live, love and being ourselves we can make life beautiful for each other. We should reject racism and accept the beauty of diversity.

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