10+ Times Teddy Proves That He’s Most Relatable Character In Bob’s Burgers

This will make you go “That’s LITERALLY me!”

This is all of us at some point; whenever we see a meme on social media, we feel like “hey, I can relate to that.” But this TV show, Bob’s burgers, will make you feel like that all the time. And Teddy will prove to be your favorite character. Just scroll down.

Check out these scenes from the popular TV show.

1. We all don’t get hockey sometimes.

2. I’m pretty sure everybody’s ears stood up at “Vodka in a Bloody Mary.”

3. Awkward how sometimes we act around our crushes.

4. That one time we exercise in a century and be like “I’m in great shape.” Unfortunately, that shape is a burger.

5. We all have those days when we can’t decide if we want to go out or not.

6. Those days when we feel like giving all the love we can. Hug time!

7. The best babysitting ideas anyone can ever have.

8. The sad story of my life.

9. That time when he spent all his money on ‘more important’ things.

10. When he showed off the one dance move he learned.

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