Teachers Online Are Naming The Weapons They’d Like To Be Armed With And We All Agree

“Arm me with books, not guns.”

That is what all the teacher are saying. What are they saying that you might ask? Well, remember when Trump said that Teachers should have guns? Well, many teachers are responding to Trump. (Which doesn’t mean he’ll learn but what else can we do?)

And teachers aren’t the only ones ripping apart Trump’s argument which is quite understandable. Kids need emotional stability and trust not more guns because they would never feel safe that way.

Even a combat expert had something to say.

It also seems like the Teachers have untied together to stand against Trump’s argument. And the hashtag #Armmewith is going massively viral. And the Teacher is explaining what they’d rather be armed with than guns.

They need more books.

And time and resources.

A gun isn’t gonna be much help to them.

And they definitely deserve a raise.

So they are making their voices heard.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary for a teacher is actually around $55,000 per year. That sadly means that half of the Teachers receive half of this amount per annum.

So no wonder that they are asking for more.


Maybe someone will finally listen.


And arm them with things they need.

So the kids will be able to learn the skills they need in life.

As guns will only make the whole classroom feel on edge.

And Teachers need their students to trust them.

After all, that is what the kids need.

And these are Teachers, not soldiers.

Arm them with things they need.

And the world will be a better place for children.

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