Internet Is Applauding For This Teacher Who Is Teaching Consent In An Amazing Way

Not all heroes wear capes!

People all around the world just can’t seem to thank and appreciate this teacher enough for what she’s doing for the kids.


Meet Liz Kleinrock, a 3rd-grade teacher from California who is teaching young children about consent in the easiest way possible.


Liz Kleinrock teaches children at Citizens of the World Charter School in Los Angeles, and she believes it is as necessary to teach kids about consent at an early age as anything else.

Here is a chart about consent that she shared in an Instagram post.


The caption of the post was about the whole situation with Supreme Court’s Judge Brett Kavanaugh. So she says, “Everything about Kavanaugh in the news has been making me HEATED.” “So whenever I get frustrated about the state of our country, it inspires me to teach my kids to DO BETTER proactively. Today was all about CONSENT.”

The chart breaks down the concept of “consent” in a straightforward way and indicates towards all the necessary aspects. It involves activities/things that are part of a young kid’s daily routine so they can relate and understand better.

“It’s really about asking permission to be able to do something,” Kleinrock told BuzzFeed News. “I don’t think it’s complicated at all.”

She also shared some writings of her students on what they learned.

Here’s what the kids had to say.

Even though it’s not correctly written, it’s good to see that they understand.

After the post went viral and got a positive feedback Kleinrock shared more of work with teachers, parents etc.

“As a 2x sexual assault survivor who has raised a generation of girls and now has two 15-year-old boys in high school, this brought me to tears! THANK YOU,” said one comment on Instagram.

“Perfectly stated, and not just for children. I think many grown folks need this simple chart to understand consent,” said another.

“We’re just talking about physical interactions that the average 8- and 9-year-old might have,” said Kleinrock.

She uses everything that happens in regular routine to her advantage and tries to teach kids according to that. For instance, some kids like giving a ‘High-five’ while the others would rather not engage in any physical contact. So using the principle of analogy, if we teach kids about asking for simple “permission” right now, they will later use it everywhere in life.

And so Kleinrock continues to teach her students in hopes that one day they will also understand and respect what sexual consent is.

“Way down the road, middle school, high school, can you really begin to learn consent within relationships if you can’t learn to keep your hands to yourself?” she said.

Consent and communication is the key.

“I think it’s easy to understand — just as with anything else, it takes practice and consistency,” she said. “They’re still going to make mistakes, and these are learning opportunities.”

Well, that’s all for now. The teacher undoubtedly did a wonderful job! What is your take on the situation? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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