This Teacher Wears Superhero Masks While Giving Marks Is Winning The Internet

Back in school, getting grades was terrifying. But, one teacher found a way to make the experience much easier. This super teacher who wears hero masks is proof that “not all heroes wear capes.”

Nazriq Ahmed has been working as a teacher at the International Islamic University in Malaysia since 2012.


One of Ahmad’s students tweeted a picture of her professor wearing an Iron Man mask during his lecture.

Ahmad wears the superhero mask to help ease his nervous students.

“It’s really easy to tell if you didn’t score or if you did well based on my face alone,” said Nazriq.


But the story behind the mask runs deep!

Ahmed developed a heart condition in 2014, for which he was admitted to the hospital. After being released, he had to wear a heart monitor on his chest with cables “all over his body”. For him, it was incredibly depressing. Therefore, his parents bought him an iron man mask to cheer him up. However, most importantly, he didn’t want his students to be emotionally affected by it either, so he decided to wear it to class.


“I already had a blue light on my chest [from the medical device for his heart], plus I didn’t want my students to see my stressed out expression,” he said. “It cheered me up getting that mask from my parents, so why not bring the positive vibes to class, right? Students used to say my face is very scary.”


Ahmed, since the introduction of the Iron Man mask, has established a reputation for fun classes.


The fun classes, well, often involve different kinds of masks.


As expected, the picture instantly went viral on the internet, garnering appreciations!



Ahmad is the hero they didn’t ask for but definitely needed!

“Classes would be boring if it’s just simply about talking and giving marks,” said Ahmad. “It bored me when I was studying, so I saw no reason to be boring when I took up lecturing.”

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