Art Teacher Hilariously Honors The Least Tragic Deaths Of This Year In Her Halloween Decor, RIP Old Taylor Swift!

Gravestones and spooky don’t always have to go hand in hand. And tombstones don’t always have to honor dead people either. A lawn in Mamaroneck, New York is covered with gravestones but honoring the trends that died in 2017. Instead of honoring dead people.

Michael Fry

You must be wondering who the genius behind these hilariously accurate gravestones is.

It’s none other than Michael Fry. An art teacher and a father of two. Every Halloween, he decorates his lawn with topical tombstones honoring a fresh crop of dying trends. And he’s been keeping the trend alive for the last three years.

“Funny enough, the gravestones during the line for the Haunted Mansion at Disney World inspired me to do unique gravestones,” he said.

Michael Fry

So, what is the inspiration behind his dead trends?

“I talk to my students, friends, and family to get ideas about what things died in that current year, or what’s not hip or in anymore. I also have a little wishful thinking in there about things I as a father and teacher would like to see go away.” For example, dabbing. “[Dabbing] is wishful thinking. You should see all the kids who dab in front of my house when they see it,” he added.

However, his favorites aren’t quite the ones we expected.

“My personal favorite this year is the Accountability one,” said Fry, referring to the gravestone that reads “Accountability–looking at you, millennials.” “No offence to the generation, but my wife and I have worked with many millennials who seem to have trouble with it.”

Michael Fry

The spirit of Halloween and to brighten up the spooky season a bit pushed him into putting up the gravestones.

“I just want to make people laugh. I hope people walk by and agree, disagree, but in the end just laugh a little,” He said.

Michael Fry


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