Teacher Goes Against Usual Protocol When Girl Is Teased. Her Plan Catches On Like Wildfire

One thing that teachers always have to deal with when working in a classroom is bullying.

Children can be, as we all know, very brutal and this can lead to a kid’s self-esteem becoming destroyed. There are many different ways to handle this kind of situation but Kinsie Johns, a third-grade teacher at Anette Winn Elementary School in Georgia, came up with an answer that was so brilliant at making her students rethink their actions, it might be something all of us should take note of.

Facebook Kinsie Johns

Kinsie discovered one Tuesday that one of her students was being mocked by her classmates for wearing her hair in space buns.

By Wednesday, she was already being called ‘space girl’ and the teacher was shocked to hear about their behaviour. Deciding to teach them all a lesson about accepting differences, she walked into school the next day and made a statement- by wearing her hair in space buns.

Facebook Kinsie Johns

The student who had been teased was reportedly “beaming” when her teacher walked in, as they had planned this all along.

Miss Johns even wrote a reminder on her hand about it. However, it was what happened the day after that was heart-warming- the rest of her students then all followed her example and all the girls, and even some boys were wearing space buns. Kinsie was naturally overjoyed.

“It’s okay to be different.” She later commented on Facebook in a post that has since gone viral. She then finished her statement with a quote from Dr Seuss. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?”

Women’s Day

Never has a quote been more on point. Well done Kinsie- if there were more teachers out there like this, then maybe school would be a lot more enjoyable for many students.

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