Teacher Gave Up Her Job To Create Optical Illusion Make-up Art That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

Makeup is another form of art.

I know that many people don’t seem to think that. Since many people believe that it is only used to ‘cover up’ your imperfections, in reality, however, it is another incredible form of art that many people use to express themselves.

Mimi Choi from Vancouver, Canada, is one such person. You see, this 31-year old quit her job as a teacher to do what she really loved. And that was to create mind-bending optical illusions with her makeup.

I felt like my creativity was suppressed. Even though I enjoyed teaching but I wasn’t completely happy. I needed a new challenge. I’ve always been arty and had done bridal makeup before, which people really liked.

I’d not done anything as crazy as the work I do now, though. I wanted to do something different for October 31, so I had a look on Instagram and found a photo of a woman, who looked like her face had cracked.

I’d never tried any kind of crazy make-up on myself, but I just got out my black and white eyeliner and gave it a go.

-Mimi Choi

And we are glad that she did because you have probably never seen anything like this before. And this woman deserves a lot more credit than what she is currently getting. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Instagram 

#1 Such a cute koala.

#2 These are too many eyes for my liking.

#3 Smushing the face, I see.

#4 Don’t think she needs the thread.

#5 Somebody saw pixels.

#6 Was it Hannibal?

#7 Inspired by the Snapchat filter.

#8 Her masks just won’t stay on.

#9 This is just… incredible.

#10 I think you’ve got yourself stretched too thin.

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