10+ Tattoo Cover Ups That Turned Total Disaster Into Hilarious Art

Did you ever get a tattoo that you regret?

I mean, I certainly can’t relate since I don’t have any right now.(Although I see one in my future.) I can, however, understand people regretting tattooing their body with the name of their then-significant other.

It turns out, that never ends well. So what do you do when you want to cover up a disastrous tattoo? Either turn it into even more of a disaster or hilarious art. You can choose the list the following cover-ups fall in.

#1 Do we need an even bigger painter for the cover-up?

Via Gobobo

#2 Turning something immensely offensive into something hilarious.

Via uberhumor

#3 As long as you like it.

Via uberhumor

#4 ‘Uh, so you really like squares huh?’

Via royalflesh

#5 Who knew Edward Cullen and Rufio had similar features?

#6 I am not sure this is called a cover-up.

Via Gobobo

#7 How could you not have learned your lesson after the first one?

Via offbeat

#8 So many Marys are turned into Marge every day.

Via pinterest

#9 Well, polo shirts for you then.

Via offbeat

#10 At least Pikachu is trying.

Via Donnol

#11 And this is better, how?

Via offbeat

#12 And from here on after she was sentenced to a life of robbery.

Via offbeat

Got any ideas for your next cover-up?

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