Tattoo Artist Surprised Everyone By Understanding His Client’s Wish After She Came With A Poor Sketch

Do you like getting tattoos?

If you do, then you probably know how important it is to clearly explain the design to your tattoo artist. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t. And if your design is not up to your satisfaction you’ll just have to get it removed, not to mention how expensive, painful and time consuming the whole procedure is(including its healing period).

So long story short, its pretty much a pain in the a** if you get the wrong tattoo. However, it’s not always the artist’s fault, sometimes the clients are very vague about their ideas. And that is pretty much the case of this one girl from Twitter named Sierra Alexis. Just recently, Sierra went to get a tattoo on her leg. She knew what she wanted to get, but she just couldn’t put her idea down on paper. So she reluctantly handed the improper sketch to the tattoo artist as she didn’t expect for it to go well. However, the artist proved her totally wrong.

Scroll down and read the whole story with detail from the beginning.

More info: twitter.com

This is the twitter user Sierra Alexis, and she decided to get another tattoo.

However, what she had in mind and what she drew on paper were two totally different things!

But when it was done it looked something like this and it surprised everyone!

It turned out just perfect. It appears the Artist knew EXACTLY what Sierra had in mind. So she uploaded the pictures on Twitter and they have already been retweeted over 60k times with over 280k likes!

Now, this is Sierra with her new and awesome tattoo.


And all the credits go to this guy, Kendrick Wright. He is also the CEO of SadistiK InK tattoo shop.


Here is some of the most famous work of Kendrick.

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