10+ Really Tasteless And Mean Things People Ever Said At Family Thanksgiving

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 22, 2017
  • 5 minutes read

Extended family has a way of getting on your nerves.

You don’t really know them, since you barely talk, but you know they exist. They’re kind of like that coworker who lives in the same town, but switched jobs. But then acts like they never left.

Imagine a few dozen of them at once, and you have Thanksgiving. So, it’s pretty normal to get into a row with some relative. Some people shared their stories with BuzzFeed and boy, oh, boy.

Source: BuzzFeed

#1 “My grandpa told us that he bought viagra once ‘just to try it.’

The worst part was he said he had to ‘pole vault out of bed.’ I could have gone my entire life without hearing that.”


#2 “I had recently come out to my 95-year-old grandma, who doesn’t quite get being gay.

After a few drinks she asked everyone at the table, ‘But how do they do it? Do they take it up the ass?’”


#3 “My mom was raving about how Starbucks now serves almond milk,

When my sister’s boyfriend — who we were meeting for the first time — looked my mom in the eye and said, “You wanna know my favorite kind of milk? Breast milk.”


#4 “It was the first Thanksgiving after my mom passed away, 

And during the toast we went around saying nice things about her and how we wished she could still be there with us. My see-you-next-Tuesday of a grandmother rolled her eyes and said ‘UGH, we’re really still hung up on this?!’”


#5 “One Thanksgiving my great grandpa told my cousin and me,

That we should get boob jobs and become prostitutes in Vegas.”


#6 “I’ve been using your photos to catfish guys!”

“I was at my ex’s family’s and her family got really drunk. My ex’s aunt admitted that for the last two years she’d been using my ex’s pictures to catfish guys. Her aunt weighed probably 300 plus and was super gross. Needless to say it got very awkward and we left shortly after.”


#7 “I’m a straight A student, and my aunt gave me a lecture on why I should aim to get bad grades.

Her reasons included ‘It would make me more attractive to guys,’ ‘smart girls are an abomination,’ and ‘studying makes girls have hysteria.’”


#8 “My mom said,

‘I think it would be nice if we took turns saying what we’re thankful for this year.’ My grandpa snapped back, ‘I think it would be nice if you shut the fuck up and let us eat in peace.’”


#9 “My mom was getting a divorce and my religious grandmother was giving her grief.

My mom finally yelled, ‘What do you care? You’re gonna die soon anyway!’”


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