18 Target Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Target is infamous. There’s nothing that can be said about the shop that hasn’t already been said. The whole place is like a wonderland of things we didn’t know we needed until we laid eyes on them that very day and we love it for that. Something that brings much joy, as well as bewilderment, has to have good jokes about it- and here, we’ve got some of the very best.

Target isn’t just a shop, it’s an experience and these jokes should hopefully bring you back there, wondering aimlessly down those aisles… Wait! Don’t go yet! You still have to read them first!

Take a scroll through our list and comment on your favourite below! Just try not to get lost in the void… and don’t buy those puffy fluffs! You don’t need them!

#1 I don’t need it, but I want it and it’s on sale. Buy twelve of them.

Instagram @selenermarie

#2 This wizard knows what’s up.


#3 I bet that university is nice and cheap too…


#4 Every. Single. Time.


#5 Women everywhere, look out for this guy, he could be in a Target near you (recognisable from the amount of sheer sass).

Twitter @LeoBlakeCarter

#6 Oh, the face of temptation… Please I am only one weak woman.


#7 I would genuinely love to meet whoever named these… their mind must be wonderful.

Tumblr @melodytruong

#8 This lady clearly knows the beauty and strangeness of Target all too well.


#9 It’s always been the coolest shop ever.


#10 This is honestly the best part of Valentine’s Day.


#11 Target is always too good of an experience to miss out on… even if you aren’t actually there.

Twitter @firmeprincess

#12 Who could turn down a request like this?


#13 Just makin’ it rain…

Twitter: @KnoxvillePains

#14 How does it always climb so high? There’s just too much…

Twitter: @Juicy_Kayy_

#15 Oh c’mon, who doesn’t need a lightsaber in their life?


#16 It’s like a big warm blanket whenever you walk in.


#17 Maybe if your soul was there, you would have more self-restraint…


#18 And finally, this euphoric feeling we all know and love.

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