So The “Ta-Ta Towel” Is A Thing And It’s A Woman’s Dream Come True

As any woman with big breasts can tell you,

Having a few extra pounds of fat strapped to your chest while you do everyday things is not ideal. And it’s not glamorous or attractive like you see in the movies, either. It’s a lot of back pain, soreness, and gratuitous amount of boob sweat. There’s also barely any sizes for anyone above a C!

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Whenever you’re get ready or are just hanging about, you have to deal with that extra baggage

But not any longer! Because people have noticed women’s difficulties in the matter and have created something called Ta-Ta Towels!

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Specifically to deal with your boob sweat, these nifty little garments are soon going to be an absolute favorite.


You can lounge around and watch TV without having to worry about creating a small pool on your belly.


They come in different sizes from C all the way to H!

Facebook: TaTaTowels

To get one of these Ta-Ta Towels, you’ll have to fork over about $45, but that’s a small price to pay for some boob-sweat freedom, isn’t it?

Facebook: TaTaTowels

They’re like comfortable pajamas for your tatas!

Facebook: TaTaTowels

And as the reviews rolled in, it seems like they’ve been a smashing hit.

It’s such a necessary item, they’re wondering what took them so long

Their Facebook page is full of necessary information. And if that’s not enough, then go to their website.

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