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20+ Things All Sweaty People Can Relate To

20+ Things All Sweaty People Can Relate To

Summer Can Be A Real Bitch To Deal With.

Many people love summer. But when you’re like me, you’d rather not sweat every minute. Most people don’t know what I am talking about and you should count yourself lucky if you don’t sweat as much.

Don’t worry about feeling alone with your sweat problems, though. We compiled a list of things that people who sweat a lot go through. Even if you didn’t know before, you’ll probably understand our troubles after reading this post.

#1 You Are Always Sweating At Work.

Via Universal Pictures

#2 When You Don’t Even Workout.

Via Maritsa Patrinos

#3 Bob Sweat Is Your Enemy.

Via Loryn Brantz

#4 You Always Leave A Butt-Shaped Sweat patch Whenever You Sit.

#5 You Always Have The Most Awkward Sweat Stains.

#6 You Always Leave Remnants Of Your Arrival Everywhere.

#7 You Ruin Your Favorite Tops Most Of The Times.


#8 Taking Your Jumper Off Is Never The Solution.

Via Logo TV

#9 You Are Unable To Wear Dresses, Skirts And Shorts.

Via Twitter

#10 This Never Helps With Your Thigh Chafing.

Via Lush

#11 You Have Probably Used This technique Once in Your Lifetime.

Via Orion Pictures
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