A Swarm Of Moths Have Taken Over A Town In France & Its Terrifying

Just like the Moth memes have flooded the internet, something similar has happened in real life.

A large number of Moths have taken over a small town called Oyonnax (in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of eastern France). The inhabitants of the town are super frustrated because they are unable to step outside at night as moths are everywhere.

These moths that have taken over the place for the past couple of weeks are basically boxwood moths (Cydalima perspectalis).

Here’s a video filmed by Gaelle Lecompte earlier in September this year and it shows countless moths flying around windows and streetlights.

Gaelle says “The moths are particularly concentrated in our village – especially at night because of these streetlights.”

The flying pattern of these moths is similar to the transverse orientation of insects. However, they get confused due to the constant change in the distance from the light source and start flying randomly instead.

As per the stats from LiveScience, the moths are attracted to artificial light sources because their light casts off their internal navigation systems!

Also, the entomologist Jerry Powell from the University of California, Berkeley said: “The thinking is that they become dazzled by the light and are somehow attracted.”

“I’m dubious of the idea that they’re using moonlight as an orienting device in the first place. That would probably only be done by species that migrate — in that process; they might use the moon in some way. But that would not explain why the 50 or 70 per cent of moths that are small and don’t migrate would also use moonlight to navigate,” he added.

Apart from this, there is another theory by Philip Callahan, which suggests that the moths are attracted to candle lights because they receive some frequencies from its infrared light which are the same as that of a female moth’s pheromones. (In short, seduction).

Anyway, this is not the only weird case involving moths that the world has seen so far. Last year a very strange looking creature appeared out of nowhere. It was a moth-worm hybrid that was seen only in Austrailia and Indonesia.

The following video of the insect was filmed in Indonesia and uploaded on Facebook by the user named Gandik; the video has been viewed over 44 million times ever since!

Geplaatst door Gandik op Donderdag 19 oktober 2017

This creature is actually called Creatonotos gangis moth, and the tentacles that are seen are actually scent organs.

In conclusion, there are many different cases, situations, theories, and even speculations, but in the end, there is no authentic explanation as to why do moths attract artificial light sources.

Well, that’s all folks. That settles that. What do you think about moths’ weird patterns? Comment below and let us know!

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