These Dark And Surreal Futurism Cartoons Reveal What’s Coming To Us With Modernization

Technological advancement is usually a good thing.

But sometimes it brings a whole slew of new problems and ethical questions. While I believe that we as a society can deal with any problem together, not everyone is so ecstatic to see where we are headed.

After all, everything has it’s advantages, so it obviously has disadvantages too. Today the following comics are mostly about the latter. It really is scary to see that this might be where we are headed in the future.

So scroll on below and take a look at these surreal illustrations.

Source: Imgur

#1 1.9 seconds.

#2 Ridable suitcases.

#3 Playing chess.

#4 Kanye world.

#5 Curing baldness.

#6 Human dating.

#7 The boring company.

#8 Teachers training.

#9 Intel drones.

#10 Donuts gene.

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