10+ Surprising AF ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

You’d definitely be surprised.

Bob’s Burgers was originally very different as many of you have watched it, but the facts in this article about the show are astonishing and weird.

See how the show transformed from its original version, and find out about the characters and their voice-overs.

1. Originally, the Belchers were to use human flesh from the crematorium next door in their burgers. Freaky and gross!

According to the creator of the show, Loren Bouchard:

I originally thought the show should be about a family that runs a restaurant who are cannibals.


2. All the characters had huge ‘penis noses‘ in the original sketches.


3. In the pilot episode, instead of Tina, they featured an eldest son called Daniel.


4. There’s a female character who is voiced by a male! Yes, John Roberts gives voice to Linda. He is the only one who does not use his original voice in the show. Roberts is a Youtuber who plays a character based on his mother in his videos. Linda is somewhat similar to his mother, which is the best part about the character.


5. As opposed to the other animations out there, to play off of each other, the cast of Bob’s Burgers record together.

Loren Bouchard says:

If your goal is to have that little spark of naturalism and interactivity and the sense that they were in the same room at the same time or at least recording at the same time.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

6. Fans had been waiting for a crossover of Bob’s Burgers and Archer crossover episode before the airing of the crossover episode in which H. Jon Benjamin plays Bob and Archer.

FX / youtube

7. The Burger of the day special and shop names in the opening titles have never been the same once mentioned.


8. The artists from the show have written and drawn an official Bob’s Burgers comic book, and it’s published for the public.


9. The two siblings, Sarah and Laura Silverman, gave their voice for Ollie and Andy Pesto.

10. There’s a real-life Bob’s Burgers restaurant in Westminster, Californa.


11. A blog has been running for four years without making a bad one only dedicated to making burger of the day. The author, Cole Bowden, has worked with the show on the Bob’s Burgers cookbook.


12. The cast of Bob’s Burgers is motivated to rehearse and extemporize, unlike other animations.


13. Bob has a tattoo of his nose and mustache on his back.


14. Family Guy episodes featured Bob and Louise in ‘The Simpsons Guy’ and ‘Boopa-dee Bappa-dee’ respectively.


15. The Simpsons episode ‘Homerland‘ stars the whole cast of Bob’s Burgers.


16. Do you know Bob is actually bisexual?


17. H. Jon Benjamin never reads his scripts beforehand.

18. Fan theory states that the show is all about Bob actually coping with his family’s death.

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