Surgeon Got Stuck In Elevator & Posted His Whole Survival Story On Snapchat And It’s Way Too Hilarious

Survival stories can now be updated every minute, thanks to technology.

So, if you get stuck in an elevator, you don’t have to write a novel about it. You can just post it on Snapchat! That is precisely what Surgeon Joseph did when he got trapped in an elevator, and the incident is quite hilarious. Medical students have a great sense of humour!

Day: Currently trapped in an elevator.

Day 1, Minute 10.

Day 1, minute 15.

Day 1, Minute 20.

Day 1, minute 25.

Day 1, Minute 28.

Day 1, minute 33.

Day 1, minute 37.

Day 1, minute 41.

Day 1, minute 43.

Day 1, minute 50.


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