Artist Illustrated Famous Superheroes As Opposite Gender And The Results Are Amazing

Who doesn’t love superheroes?

Well, apparently some people don’t. And I honestly don’t understand how those people even exist on this planet.

You would find people everywhere in the world knowing these superheroes, but only a few of them imagine out of the box and think about these heroes in their opposite gender. Although, some of the characters had their gender counterparts brought in the movies, but never a curvy Captain America or a female version of Hulk has been seen in the movies.

In this article, you would find the amazing gender swaps of the superheroes you have seen for years.

If you don’t like superheroes, I’m telling you; your perception is about to change. Check them out.

1. The Incredible Hulk – Sorry but she looks like Shrek’s wife. Only fiercer.

2. Spiderman – More like Spiderwoman.

3. Loki. No comments, really.

4. As if the real Hawk-Eye wasn’t sexy enough, here’s a female version of him.

5. Lady Deadpool. She’s just as perky as him.

6. Superwoman. They’re cousins, right?

7. Now that’s what I was talking about! A curvy version of Captain America.

8. The female version of Assassin’s Creed. Pretty cool if you’re into it.

9. My personal favorite, The Joker. That’s a mad woman!

10. Gotham’s knight errant, Bat-woman.

11. The villainous Ultron. Yay or nay?

12. Magneto. What a beauty X-men have discovered.

13. Hellgirl the half-demon. What do you say?

14 Iron Woman. Dude, that’s a firm no.

15.  Black Panther. I’m actually loving the queen of Wakanda.

16. The supervillain, Red Skull. Well, she’s no vision.

17. Thor, on the way to inherit the throne of Asgard. I don’t think the girl has got it.

18. Wolverine from The X-men. Damn, that woman of steel is hot!

19. The Vision, an android and a member of The Avengers. I prefer the real vision to be honest.

20. Doctor Strange, the most powerful sorcerer of all time. Although, I don’t really like the female one.



So, what did you think about these recreated versions of your favorite superheroes? Let us know in the comments below.

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