Woman Tweets Star Wars And Super Hero Movies Men Are Undateable, Internet Put Her To Place

The amount of venom in this woman is too damn high.

People should be allowed to like whatever they want without being judged for it. If their personal interests do not affect you or the people around you, you should leave them alone. Personally, I don’t think liking superheroes makes you a nerd. But one woman thought so. She posted a tweet hating on geek culture and got thrashed for it pretty soon after.

Honestly, this is a substantial example of understanding and standing up for men. After all, just like us, they’re human too.

Scroll down and give it a read yourself.

The venomous tweet itself.

With people like her, Twitter really has become nothing but a “hellscape”.

Yes, she is right. We should really talk about self-absorbed women, like you of course.

You’re not the only one who got angry at this tweet, Emily. You’re sadly just the only one who stood up for it.

I believe, there’s no such thing as masculinity. Also, being passionate is very interesting, passionate about anything.

Yes, because of some pathetic women like you, the female gender has got a wrong image of being known to keep double standards. Emily is right.

This is important. Men suffering are just as important as women suffering.

Emily, you deserve all the respect you get. Men can have any passion. They have the right to like anything they want. And be it Star Wars, there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. Being passionate about anything what-so-ever just shows that you are alive and kicking! Good job, Emily. Men need more women like you.

More power to you, Kudos!

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