10+ People Shares The Stupidest Person They Ever Met And Their Stories & They’re Painful

Have you ever come across someone that just blew you away with how dumb they are?

I don’t mean making stupid mistakes or being a part of a stupid accident, I mean legitemately idiotic. From thinking that a vegetarian diet meant being unable to eat animal crackers, to forging over 200 British Sterling Pounds and keeping them on his person ALL AT ONCE.

These people seem to know no end to their stupidity, and while that means bad things for them, and those in close proximity to them, it does mean entertaining stories for people like you and me. Reddit was asked “Who’s┬ástupidest person you’ve ever met, and what story perfectly sums up their stupidity?” and Reddit delivered.

There are countless stories, and while we picked only a handful, there are so many more, each more confusing and ghastly than the next. You’d think that with the sources people have available to them now, there’d be a lot less stupid stuff going on. Unfortunately, the answer to that is no, because people are still stupid, and it’s still mindboggling how they haven’t accidentally killed themselves yet. I don’t even mean it maliciously, it’s just genuinely surprising.

Source: Reddit

#1 MissGrafin

#2 varunagrawal

#3 Dankmaster_Reptilian

#4 ShiraCheshire

#5 Eponius

#6 RollTideGaming

#7 bigbthebenji

#8 heinleinfan

#9 Frank_Scorpio

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