10+ Stupidest Facebook Posts That Will Make You Facepalm After Facepalm

Yes, People Can Be Very Stupid.

The following posts are proof of people’s stupidity. Now, you might think that most of these are some kind of jokes. Sadly, they are not. However, these will definitely boost your morale and confidence.

So just sit back and enjoy these facebook posts as pure entertainment. Also, try to forget that real people wrote this and impending doom is reaching us.

#1 I Am Not Sure She Is Qualified.

Via lamebook

#2 I Am More Worried About The Person Who liked The Post.

Via runt-of-the-web

#3 Two Great Minds Finally Meet.

Via seenox

#4 That Might Be True.

Via funpic

#5 This Man Knows History.

Via zismile

#6 This Is Reassurance Right Here.

Via Lamebook

#7 Are We Talking About The Same Alaska Here?

Via yurock

#8 Ever Heard About A Little Thing Called Gravity?

Via Pinterest

#9 You Can Find The Best Advice On Facebook.

Via fukarf.com

#10 These Went On To Become The Best Selling Writers Of Our Generation.

Via funcage

#11 Nature Really Make That?

Via lolriot.com

#12 Well, Life Is Full Of Mistakes.

Via reddit

#13 I Think I Bruised My Forehead.

Via reddit

#14 No Way Really?

Via Fukarf

#15 Merry Christmas.

Via thefw

#16 I Think I Lost A Few Braincells.

Via Imgur

#17 Just Slowly Back Away.

Via reddit

#18 It Is Obvious She Meant An Escalator!

Via opposingviews

#19 I Don’t Think A Comma Could Ever Help Him.

Via izismile

#20 Not For You Atleast.

Via lolbrary
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